COVID-19 Update: JMCC is suspending face-to-face clinical services from Saturday, March 14 until at least Sunday, April 5, 2020. DETAILS.
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Genetics Clinic

Windsor Genetics Outreach Program of London Health Sciences

In partnership with the Medical Genetics Program of Southwestern Ontario in London, Ontario, the John McGivney Children's Centre (JMCC) is home to the Windsor Genetics Outreach Program of London Health Sciences.
The Windsor Genetics Outreach Program provides comprehensive services in medical genetics to individuals, couples, and families in Windsor and surrounding area, in a caring, respectful, and compassionate environment for all patients. The purpose of genetic assessment is to evaluate individuals or families who are, or think they are, at risk of having a genetic condition that could be passed on to their children.

General Genetics Clinic:

The general genetics clinic provides assessment and genetic counseling for:
  • Infants/children with birth defects and/or developmental delay
  • Individuals affected with or with a family history of a known or potential genetic disease
  • Individuals affected with or with a family history of:
    • Single gene diseases
    • Polygenic and multifactorial conditions
    • Chromosomal abnormalities, numerical or structural
    • Birth defects of unknown cause
  • Non-pregnant women who are planning a pregnancy and are over the age of 35
  • Couples who are consanguineous (related by blood) and are planning a pregnancy
  • Couples who are not pregnant and have experienced three or more recurrent spontaneous miscarriages, where major gynecological or obstetrical causes have been excluded

Access to Service

To access services, families are asked to have their physician fax a referral (links to form below and in resources section). To make an outpatient referral, please fax the following information to (519) 977-2216:
  • Reason for referral
  • Relevant documentation including consultations, notes and assessments
  • Results of any investigations performed to date
General Genetics Referral Form
Prenatal Referral Form

What to Expect

Patients will be sent a Demographic Information Form and Family History Questionnaire to complete. Pediatric patients will also need to complete the Pregnancy and Child Development Questionnaire and Parental Information Form. Electronic copies of these documents are located below and in the resources section. Upon receipt of the completed questionnaires, an appointment will be scheduled.
Demographic Information Form
Family History Questionnaire
Pregnancy and Child Development Questionnaire
Parental Information Form

We ask that the completed questionnaires be returned to our office within one month. If the questionnaires are not returned within three  months, the referral will not be processed.

Please inform our office if you are experiencing difficulty or are unable to complete these questionnaires and we can make alternate arrangements.
We welcome physician inquiries at (519) 252 7281 ext. 350.