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Transition to Adulthood

JMCC offers a variety of supports to youth and their families transitioning from paediatric rehabilitation services and supports to adult services. Youth and their families wanting information on what services are available at age 18 are encouraged to speak with their child’s clinician. You can also contact the Centre to speak with one of our social workers.  As many supports for children end at age 18, it is important to start the planning for the transition to adult services early. We offer a monthly Transition Clinic for families who would like to meet with their teen’s therapy team and a local physician to learn about and apply for things like income programs, social and recreational opportunities, adult therapy options, adult respite, post-secondary education and more.  Please speak with your child’s clinician if you would like more information about our Transition Clinic.

The section aims to provide more information on the transition to adulthood, with a focus on the following areas:

Information About Community Resources

As a community partner, JMCC is pleased to provide information on this website about community resources which may be of interest to clients and their families. Availability does not mean that we have reviewed them or constitute an endorsement by us. JMCC does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for such resouces. Read More.

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