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Transition to School Resources

Here are some great resources to help your child in their transition to school!

Back-to-School Tips for Children with Special Needs

It takes a lot of preparation to create a seamless transition. To assist our kids with special needs with a positive educational experience, it is important that parents try to anticipate issues before they occur.  Although it is the school’s responsibility to make sure our children have what they need to succeed, in the end, it is the parents who understand our children and advocate for them most effectively.

Here is a list of 11 tips to help:
Back-to-School Tips

All About Me!

All About Me is a snapshot of your child to capture his/her strengths in order to ensure appropriate support across environments/people.  It can be filled in by your child and/or family and can be easily updated over time.

It can be used for transitioning to school for the first time, or at the beginning of each school year/new grade, for a substitute teacher, going on a field trip, going to a camp or group activity, and more!

All About Me - Guide
All About Me - Sample
All About Me Template - English
All About Me Template - French

Individual Education Plans

As school begins again, your child may be placed on an Individualized Education Plan or an IEP.  IEP is a specialized plan that is used as a tool to assist your child who learns differently. Teachers typically collaborate with parents and educational staff working with your child to develop the IEP.

Learn more about IEPs.


Information About Community Resources

As a community partner, JMCC is pleased to provide information on this website about community resources which may be of interest to clients and their families. Availability does not mean that we have reviewed them or constitute an endorsement by us. JMCC does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for such resouces. Read More.