COVID-19 Update: JMCC is suspending face-to-face clinical services from Saturday, March 14 until at least Sunday, April 5, 2020. DETAILS.
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Family Services


The John McGivney Children's Centre's (JMCC) Family Services Department includes social workers, a behaviour consultant and a service coordinator.


Social Work:

At JMCC, our social work staff offer a variety of services to our clients and families, including:

Supportive counselling services for parents and guardians in the following areas:
  • Creating a healthy balance
  • Fostering healthy relationships
  • Support and advocacy
  • Building assertiveness skills for working with professionals
  • Parent Support Group (6-week program typically offered each Fall)
Counselling for children, youth and young adults in the following areas:
  • Promoting a positive self-image
  • Building social skills 
  • Developing healthy coping strategies
  • Strategies to deal with bullying 
  • Overcoming obstacles to developing friendships and personal relationships 
  • Children's groups may be offered depending on interest and available resources
Kids are Kids Disability Awareness Program: This is a school based program designed for children in grades one through eights to promote disability awareness and social inclusion. For more information, check out the Kids are Kids Disability Awareness Program brochure.

Behaviour Consultation

Behavioural consultation services at JMCC help kids and families better understand how each child develops and learns new skills, how to work through challenging behaviours, how to develop emotional regulation skills and much more.

Services include functional behaviour assessments, suggestions and strategies to help promote child development, tracking and monitoring of progress, parenting seminars and workshops, direct intervention and support to therapists and caregivers during therapy sessions at JMCC.

JMCC behavioural consultation services offer parenting support with:
  • Family adaptation: coping with stress, supporting your partner, helping siblings adjust
  • Positive parenting strategies: understanding causes of behaviour, cohesive parenting
  • Early learning skills: imitation, following simple instructions, play skills
  • Self-care skills: personal hygiene, dressing, teeth brushing, morning and bedtime routines
  • Mealtimes: independent eating, challenging mealtime behaviour
  • Managing disruptive behaviour: whining and tantrums, disobedience, aggression
  • Social skills: following routines, play, sharing
  • Fears and anxiety: separation problems, medical procedures, nightmares and night terrors
  • Being part of the community:travelling in the car, understanding safety, haircuts, shopping  

Service Coordination

Service coordination in the family services department at JMCC offers support to families in the following areas:
  • Coordinating health and support services so that families feel supported, that their needs are being addressed and that everyone is working as a team.
  • Planning with families for upcoming health events such as surgery and important transition times such as starting child care, school and transitioning to high school and adult services.
  • Connecting families to activities, supports and programs to increase community participation
  • Connecting families to helpful programs and services such as financial benefits, transportation, housing and more 


Children and youth receiving therapy services from JMCC and their families are eligible for Family Services. To make a referral, speak to your child's therapist, or call the Centre at 519-252-7281 and ask to speak to someone in our Family Services department.