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Stories From Families

At the John McGivney Children's Centre (JMCC), we are dedicated to ensuring that each child and each family reaches their full potential. We love hearing JMCC stories from our families and we are so grateful to the following families for sharing! If you would like to share your story, please email 
I didn't truly understand how important the John McGivney Children's Centre is to our community until my own children with special needs began receiving services through the Centre. With the help of the extremely skilled staff, I have witnessed my kids take their first steps, reach out their hands and learn to communicate. The Centre staff and the management team are so encouraging to the children as well as to the family members. It is truly an incredible place. 

Ahmad El-Morad , Neder's dad

Ahmad & Neder
We were introduced to the amazing staff at JMCC prior to the birth of Maya, when we discovered she wouldn’t be the typical newborn. Maya was born with a rare genetic syndrome, and with 3 other children at home we didn’t know how we were going to manage all of the different feelings and stress we would face, and we were scared of the road ahead. One year and 19 doctors/specialists later, we couldn’t have done all we have to support Maya’s growth and development without the help of JMCC.  This is a Centre I turn to often for help, answers and assistance. Thank you JMCC for everything you do for our family, and all the families that are part of your programs. The children will excel because of your continued dedication. 


Amanda, Maya's mom


JMCC is a truly amazing place! They make you feel like family and set your mind at ease. Two of my children went there and if it wasn't for the staff and support there, my olderst would not be talking as well as he is. Apraxia took my son's voice and the JMCC team's time, patience and care helped him fight to get it back! He is now about to graduate elementary school and we still talk abou how wonderful the Centre is to so many families. JMCC will always be near and dear to our hearts and we thank them so very much! 

Amy Lafreniere, Andrew, Katrina & Branden's mom

Amy, Andrew, Katrina & Branden

My handsome son Grayson will be 4 in January. He was born with a rare disorder called Arthrogryposis. He is also nonverbal. We first started receiving the help of JMCC when he was just a tiny little baby. Grayson has 3 amazing therapists, Louise OT, Kristin PT, and Dragana SLP that are frequently involved to help better all of his abilities. They are all truly so caring, kind and professional with Grayson and I. They have helped me in so many ways with Gray and even emotional support for us along the way. They have become family, and I don’t know what I would do without their guidance and knowledge with helping Grayson progress in any way that they can. We are so thankful for JMCC!!!

Britt Berthiaume, Mom


JMCC has been part of our family since before the birth of our beautiful and brave daughter, Micayla Azzura. Right from the beginning, we felt our team at JMCC became more like a family, a place we could trust with the well-being of our daughter, a place where Micayla's abilities can grow stronger. The Centre has so many programs that benefit many children in our community. It truly is an amazing facility with great staff. 

Eleonora Vitella, Micayla's mom

Eleonora and Micayla

Tommy started with the Centre at six months of age and their team is a huge reason why he is as high functioning as he is today. They were nurturing when they needed to be, demanding of his abilities when they saw the potential and hosted monthy after-hours therapy sessions so I was able to attend and learn in order to continue his therapy practice at home. The staff supported us in transitioning Tommy into community school and to this day, I credit Tommy's educational success to that initial integration. 

At 11 years old and in grade five, Tommy continues to be a part of the JMCC family, has enjoyed their summer camp four years running and most recently loves participating in their new therapeutic recreation program, especially the bowling league! JMCC has facilitated Tommy's growth physically, emotionally and socially and has given hope to our family. It was terrifying to hear "your son has trisomy 21," but turning to JMCC for support and guidance is exactly what Tommy and our family needed to see Tomy's abilities grow. Thank you JMCC for being a part of our family! 

Jen Wright, Tommy's mom


The JMCC team who met with us at my daughter's first appointment were well-prepared, organized, professional and also kind and loving. They relieved my anxiety and upon leaving, I felt much better. I felt supported. There was a plan for Vivi's success. From then, it was obvious that the staff at JMCC believed in her abilities as much as I did. Having a support network with a group of professionals who genuinely care for your child and her success has been and continues to be an incredible experience. It has been very reassuring to know that she has a team of people working to help her achieve her goals. Not only have they supported her, but they have supported me and our family as well.

Joanna Conrad, Vivienne's mom

Joanna and Vivienne

Nicky is a 12 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain cancer. Nicky needed help with walking and running again. Also, his left hand just wasn’t the same after his brain tumour removal surgery. JMCC has been a life-saver for him!  This is Nicky’s second time working with JMCC. They helped him as a toddler when he was diagnosed with a speech disorder Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  In times of need, JMCC has really been there for our family and we couldn’t be more thankful. The staff truly care and they advocated for Nicky whenever it was needed.  We cannot thank you enough!

Kantarjian Family

I cannot begin to express the impact that this place has had on my son and family. From the beginning all our therapists quickly became part of our extended family. We first started therapy at home while Luke was still on oxygen and then began attending the Centre weekly. We've been receiving regular occupational therapy, physotherapy and speech therapy and celebrate every milestone and accomplishment with each of our therapists. They are always putting my mind at ease and reassuring me that we are all working just as hard as Luke is on his therapies. They truly help support our family in every way. 

Katie Hornick, Luke's mom

Katie and Luke

JMCC helped me a lot and when my daughter Alleni was just 1 year old.  Now she is 15 and JMCC still helps me.  Social workers are beside me all the time and help me with everything I need, and it feels like I am not alone.  I am so happy with all the help I get from JMCC.

Kim Yen Thai, Mom