Keeping everyone safe at JMCC DETAILS.
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Working at JMCC

At JMCC, our staff, students and volunteers work together as part of a collaborative team dedicated to enrich and celebrate the lives of children and youth with disabilities to help abilities grow by providing child focused, family-centred care.

Let our staff tell you why they love working at JMCC: 

Jodi Fischer

Senior Occupational Therapist

"I am a Senior Occupational Therapist at the John McGivney Children's Centre. I work in community schools, client homes and within the Centre helping facilitate functional change with my clients and their families in their daily lives. I assist schools and families to plan for and obtain equipment they need to help care safely for their kids. My favourite part of my job is being invited into a family's home to help them problem solve accessibility difficulties. I consider it a privilege when I am in a family home providing my ideas. I am very fortunate to be part of a team of caring therapists and colleagues whom are invested in serving our families." 

Jodi Fischer working with a client lift

Katie Harris

Social Worker

“JMCC School Authority hosted me as a co-op student in high school and this wonderful experience guided me toward post-secondary Disability Studies and Social Work. I officially returned to the Centre as a social worker in November 2018 and my roles so far have included supportive counselling for children and families, behavior consultation, service coordination, funding support and program facilitation. Working with JMCC is my dream job and one-on-one time with kids is my favourite part! I also love connecting clients and their families with beneficial resources and encouraging community professionals to work together and help families across different disciplines to provide more holistic support.”


Martina Marcon

Occupational Therapist

"I have worked at the John McGivney Children's Centre for almost eight years. I primarily work with clients in our community schools. My job allows me to help children improve independence with their activities of daily living, like writing with a pencil, cutting with scissors and eating lunch at school. The aspects of my job that I love the most are supporting the children and working closely with a positive inter-professional team."

Martina Marcon at the John McGivney Children

Natalie McLellan

Family and Community Consultant, Ontario Autism Program

"For over 13 years I have been a part of Autism Services at the John McGivney Children's Centre, run in partnership with Thames Valley Children's Centre. As a Family and Community Consultant in the Ontario Autism Program I am the primary point of contact for clients and their families responsible for assisting families with service and program navigation as well as support. A huge component of our program is inter-disciplinary collaboration and partnership; putting parents' goals at the centre of their children's programming. My favorite part of my job is the adult education component; inspiring parents and colleagues to know they have the skill and knowledge to help their children grow into active participants in their community, having new experiences and fulfilling lives."

Natalie McLellan

Dawn Mulder

Client Information Systems Analyst

"I have worked at the John McGivney Children's Centre for almost 15 years.  My role has evolved over time and I am always challenged to expand my skills. It is a great environment to grow as an employee and as a person as you have the joy of impacting the lives of very special people. We are a family that works together to make a difference every day in our special way!"

Dawn Mulder