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Working at JMCC

At JMCC, our staff, students and volunteers work together as part of a collaborative team dedicated to providing family-centred, hollistic care to the community, enriching the lives of children and youth with special needs by helping them reach their full potential. 

Let our staff tell you why they love working at JMCC: 

Jodi Fischer

Senior Occupational Therapist

"I am a Senior Occupational Therapist at the John McGivney Children's Centre. I work in community schools, client homes and within the Centre helping facilitate functional change with my clients and their families in their daily lives. I assist schools and families to plan for and obtain equipment they need to help care safely for their kids. My favourite part of my job is being invited into a family's home to help them problem solve accessibility difficulties. I consider it a privilege when I am in a family home providing my ideas. I am very fortunate to be part of a team of caring therapists and colleagues whom are invested in serving our families." 

Jodi Fischer working with a client lift

Martina Marcon

Occupational Therapist

"I have worked at the John McGivney Children's Centre for almost eight years. I primarily work with clients in our community schools. My job allows me to help children improve independence with their activites of daily living, like writing with a pencil, cutting with scissors and eating lunch at school. The aspects of my job that I love the most are supporting the children and working closely with a positive inter-professional team."

Martina Marcon at the John McGivney Children

Dawn Mulder

Client Information Systems Analyst

"I have worked at the John McGivney Children's Centre for almost 15 years.  My role has evolved over time and I am always challenged to expand my skills. It is a great environment to grow as an employee and as a person as you have the joy of impacting the lives of very special people. We are a family that works together to make a difference every day in our special way!"

Dawn Mulder

Margaret O'Flaherty

Autism Services Staff

"Being a part of the Autism Program, run in partnership between the John McGivney Children's Centre and the Thames Valley Children's Centre, is a dream come true. I am a part of two wonderful organizations and I get to work together with a multidsciplinary team of clinicians to help our kids achieve their full potential! The kids we work with are definitely the best part of my job and I feel so fortunate to work in a field where I get to have an impact on the lives of children and families. Witnessing a learning moment, when a child achieves a goal that we have been working towards and their face lights up with pride, is truly one of the most wonderful experiences in life. I look forward to continuing to work as a part of this important team!"

Margaret O

Beth Reidy

Clinical Administrative Assistant

"I am very grateful to be part of the John McGivney Children's Centre Team! It is the most welcoming place I have ever worked. I love my role at JMCC because it encompasses some of my favourite things including organization, attention to detail and helping others. The sense of community amongst the staff and with all the families we serve is wonderful. It is very fulfilling to work somewhere that makes a difference in people's lives every single day. There is such a wide diversity of knowledge and expertise here and I find I learn something new from every person I talk to."

Beth Reidy sitting at her desk

We are a scent-free environment. Please refrain from using scented products when visiting JMCC. Scented products can cause those with allergies, asthma, fragrance sensitivities and other medical conditions to become sick. Join our team. View all available job opportunities.