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Together, we can achieve more: Feeling the 40th anniversary love from our stakeholders and community partners!

July 6, 2018

JMCC stakeholders and community partners

 As the John McGivney Children’s Centre celebrates our 40th anniversary, we are extremely grateful for the continued support from our wonderful community of partners and stakeholders. Several of them were kind enough to send along well-wishes for our anniversary.

Patti France, President, St. Clair College
“The John McGivney Children's Centre is one of the great treasures of our community. For 40 years, it has helped to ensure that children and youth with special needs have been able to reach their full potential, and that they have been fully included in all aspects of life in our community. St. Clair College congratulates the Centre for its four decades of advocacy and service, and wishes it continued success in the future.”

Drew Dilkens, Mayor, City of Windsor   
“On behalf of the City of Windsor, I offer congratulations to the John McGivney Children’s Centre as your organization celebrates its milestone 40th anniversary. When we talk about Windsor being a diverse community, we are talking about the unique stories each of us contributes to strengthening the fabric of our community. We are talking about our similarities and differences, about our ordinary abilities and our extraordinary ones. For 40 years, the JMCC has helped extraordinary children and youth reach their potential by focusing on creating and offering spaces, programs and services that promote accessibility, inclusivity, physical and mental health, confidence-building, participation and meaningful opportunities for everyone. The JMCC opens doors and makes a lasting difference in the lives of children and youth and their family and friends. Thank you for 40 years of outstanding service and best wishes for all that the next 40 years will bring.”

Alan Wildeman, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Windsor
“The University of Windsor congratulates the John McGivney Children’s Centre on 40 years of helping children in our community with special needs reach their fullest potential. The staff and volunteers of JMCC have made a difference to so many children and their families over the past four decades.  Many faculty, staff and students from all corners of our campus contribute to programs at JMCC in a wide variety of ways, and we all join together in appreciation for what has been accomplished.  Forty years of helping children is something to celebrate.” 

Kevin McShan, JMCC alumni, current Family Advisor and motivational speaker
"The John McGivney Children's Centre plays an integral role in our community, ensuring children with special needs are equipped with the tools and confidence they need to realize their fullest potential and maximize all opportunities for growth and expansion. It’s the heartbeat of tremendous inspiration and is a place which encourages all of us to aspire to be the best versions of ourselves. It helps to nurture greatness and eliminate barriers allowing children with special needs to flourish and thrive. As of graduate of the JMCC School Authority and consumer of the services at the Centre, I am eternally grateful to JMCC and its dedicated staff for helping shape many of the principles of compassion, determination and generosity which I live my life by today. The John McGivney Children's Centre is a pillar of great strength, unity and warmth in our community.  It’s a true champion of inclusion for all children of all abilities."

Janice Kaffer, CEO, Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare
“As our friends and partners at JMCC celebrate 40 years of exceptional service to children and families in our community we at HDGH want to say thank you. Thank you for caring enough to go the extra mile and help us with communication strategies for our older adults. Thank you for dreaming big with us and creating a one of a kind playground for young and old alike. Thank you for working with us to delivery care to kids who have multiple challenges and opportunities to thrive. The future in WE is brighter because you are doing what you do and we look forward to all the hope and happiness the next 40 years will bring.”

David Musyj, President and Chief Executive Officer, Windsor Regional Hospital 
“JMCC has played such an important role in the lives of our children with special needs and their families for 40 years. The JMCC is truly one of the most important components of our healthcare system ensuring those who need access to specialized rehabilitation therapy get that care in a caring, compassionate and professional manner. We are indebted to the team at JMCC for all they have done and will continue to do for generations to come.” 

Tom Bain, Warden, County of Essex
“On behalf of the County of Essex, I would like to thank JMCC. Your commitment to programs and specialty services for children with special needs will help them reach their full potential.”

Jennifer Churchill, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Association of Children’s Rehabilitation Services
“For forty years the John McGivney Children’s Centre enables hopes to outweigh boundaries so kids can live their best lives. Congratulations on this remarkable milestone.”


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