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Teaming up with clients and families at JMCC

February 20, 2018

JMCC kid Vanessa and her mom

JMCC is seeking current and past family members and clients to join our family advisory network. Our goal is to form a group of about 25 adult and youth family advisors who will have the opportunity to work with JMCC staff and leaders to advance positive changes to the organization. JMCC is committed to continuously becoming more family-centred and our network of family advisor volunteers will play an important role in this commitment. 

"By working together with families and listening and incorporating their voice across the organization, we will ensure that we make the needs of families the true focus of everything that we do, ultimately strengthening our services and ensuring we are meeting the needs of the families we support," says Wendy Tavares, Family and Community Services Manager, JMCC. 

Our family advisors will share their experiences, tell their stories and use their knowledge and insight to advise on projects and decisions throughout the organization. 

JMCC is committed to having a volunteer population that is representative of the children, youth and families we serve. Specifically, we are seeking people who:

  • Currently receive services or have had a family member receive services from JMCC within the last five years;
  • Are from diverse backgrounds;
  • Can work respectfully in partnership with a variety of other people;
  • Are interested in sharing insights and information about their experiences with JMCC to inform others;
  • Take a constructive approach to discussing concerns and ideas in order to develop solutions or advance positive changes within the organizations 
Interested in applying? Application forms are available online or at JMCC Reception. If you would like more information, please contact Wendy Tavares, Family and Community Services Manager, at ext. 242 or Danielle Friest, Senior Manager of Communications and Community Affairs at ext. 241. 

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