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Social Work Awareness: Social Work Breaks Barriers

March 8, 2023

JMCC Social Workers

March is Social Work Month and this week marks Social Work Week. This past year, JMCC social workers provided direct support to 302 families. Referrals have more than doubled since last year for supportive counselling for our clients and their family members regarding aspects of their diagnosis, assistance with accessing funding, service coordination and transition to adulthood planning. In addition to supporting JMCC families in these ways, our social workers have been instrumental in creating and offering unique programming with the support of other JMCC staff that build skills in the areas of self-care, self-advocacy and job readiness.

Kudos to our awesome JMCC Social Work team! Thank you for everything you do to support JMCC families.

Meet our Social Work Team:


Testimonials from Families:

Caroline's daughter Rylee developed anxiety after birth. At first, her family didn't understand why she would get so upset in certain situations, for example before doctor's appointments. Caroline asked for help when she realized it was a bit too much for her to handle on her own. JMCC recommended they speak with Katie, a social worker.

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