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John McGivney Children’s Centre receives $90,000 Solcz Family Foundation Grant

July 10, 2023

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The John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC) has received a $90,000 grant from the Solcz Family Foundation for our new Family Support Fund.

“It can cost up to four times more to raise a child with a disability,” says Jennifer Jovanovski, Director of Client Services at JMCC. “And for children with complex care needs, many parents are forced to limit the amount of time they work, placing further financial pressures on the family.”

Many children and youth with disabilities require expensive equipment that is either not covered by government funding or only partially covered.

Private insurance at times covers a portion but many families do not have access to insurance.  Families also struggle to find appropriate recreational programs for their child, and many can be expensive.  “There are very few charities that cover recreational programs, and so kids with disabilities often lack opportunities to participate in programs that help them to make friends, that challenge them and help build confidence.”

There are also a number of out-of-pocket and unexpected expenses for families. In addition to driving their children to local therapy and medical appointments, some need to go out of town for specialized treatments, medical appointments and/or surgeries.  Fuel costs, hotel rooms, food, and specialized care add up quickly. In addition, there are day-to-day costs that add up such as over-the-counter pain medication, dietary supplements, incontinence products, and specialized clothing.

Under the leadership of JMCC Family Services Manager Wendy Tavares, in consultation with JMCC staff and with the JMCC Youth Advisory Council and Family Advisory Council, the comprehensive and flexible Family Support Fund was developed to address a variety of needs that children and youth accessing services at JMCC have. 

“This program is going to make a huge difference for our families” says Ken Kapustiak, JMCC board president. “Our families face many challenges. This Family Support Fund will help with short-term, urgent needs, easing the financial hardships of caring for a child or youth with disabilities. We are extremely grateful to the Solcz Family Foundation for helping us with this fund, to ensure that families can continue to provide the supports needed for their children to reach their full potential.”

“As a continued effort to ensure local children, youth and families have access to the supports they need, the Solcz Family Foundation is happy to be a benefactor of the JMCC Family Support Fund that does exactly that,” said Kyrsten Solcz, executive director. “If we can help ease the financial stress faced by families of children with complex needs, or make their lives even just a bit easier in some way, then we know we’re part of something important. I encourage you to join us and donate to the JMCC Family Support Fund to assist local families.”

The Solcz Family Foundation Grant will be awarded over three years.

About the Solcz Family Foundation

The Solcz Family Foundation’s mission is to improve the welfare of the Windsor-Essex community, and in particular, focus on supporting projects and programs in social services that provide opportunities for children and youth. The Solcz Family Foundation, incorporated in 2016 as a registered charity, was developed to create a legacy of giving involving three generations of family. The Foundation is committed to assisting local charities and the valuable work they do for our community by providing grants to support various projects and programs that strategically impact the Windsor-Essex region.

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