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John McGivney Children’s Centre receives $10,000 from Caesars Windsor Cares

November 21, 2023

J Jovanovski, S Tompkins, K Buchner Caesars Windsor cheque donation

L to R: Jenn Jovanovski CEO JMCC, Susanne Tomkins Caesars Windsor, Katie Buchner Director Finance & Corporate Services JMCC

Today, the John McGivney Children’s Centre (JMCC) was presented with a cheque for $10,000 from Caesars Windsor Cares.  The donation will go towards covering the cost of translation services for JMCC families.

“We are committed to providing family-centred services and it is crucial for family members and caregivers to be able to understand and actively participate in their child’s therapy services,” said Jennifer Jovanovski, JMCC CEO. “Translation services are critical to our work as we strive to enrich the lives of children and youth with special needs by helping them reach their full potential.”

Translation services are used across all of JMCC programs. From the first interactions at intake, to social work services helping families access community services, to the therapists delivering hands-on treatment.  

JMCC provides translation services to families in over 26 languages.

“The demand for translation services continue to steadily rise,” continues Ms. Jovanovski. “Over the past five years, we have seen an increase from 75 visits in 2019 to 1,067 visits last year. The cost to deliver these services has also increased dramatically from $6,658 to $44,134.  We are extremely grateful for this donation, and for Caesars Windsor Cares for believing in the work we do at the John McGivney Children's Centre over the years.”

“With our rich, diverse, cultural community, it is our honour to donate to a program supporting families at the John McGivney Centre,” said Susanne Tomkins, Manager, Public Relations & Communications, Caesars Windsor.  “This program aligns with our own principles in creating a diverse and welcoming environment for all.”

Since 2002, Caesars Windsor Cares has donated $76,440.00 to various programs and services, and to their Capital Campaign for its building expansion.

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