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John McGivney Children's Centre launches video series aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities

May 27, 2024

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The John McGivney Children's Centre (JMCC) has launched two initiatives aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities and their families.

Speak UP! Podcasts / Videos: Spearheaded by JMCC's Family Advisory Council (FAC) members, the Speak UP! project aims to address critical topics pertinent to families with disabilities. From navigating funding challenges to tackling caregiver burnout, each episode delves into pressing issues. The podcast is hosted by Kevin McShan, a JMCC alumni and FAC member, ensuring firsthand understanding and meaningful discussions.

Growing My Abilities Videos: In collaboration with JMCC's Youth Advisors, Growing My Abilities offers a series of practical videos designed to empower viewers. Covering topics such as overcoming obstacles, self-advocacy, and future planning, these videos provide valuable guidance and inspiration to individuals seeking to maximize their potential.

In celebration of National Access Ability Week 2024, themed "Forward Together: Accessibility and Inclusion for All," JMCC reaffirms its dedication to promoting a more inclusive society. Together, let us embrace diversity, champion accessibility, and build a future where everyone can thrive.

Both the SpeakUp! and Growing My Abilities video series are available for viewing on JMCC’s website and YouTube channel. JMCC encourages individuals, families, and organizations to share these resources widely to empower and support children, youth and families with disabilities.

SpeakUp! YouTube Link
Growing My Abilities YouTube Link

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