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Celebrating Abilities: Be a part of our campaign!

September 7, 2022

Celebrating Abilities!

Are you enjoying our Celebrating Abilities campaign? Why not be part of it! As we continue to celebrate the many abilities of those in our community, we are always looking for new submissions! You're invited to share what makes you awesome - whether it’s a special talent you have, something you've created, or something that makes you unique. 

Send us a picture of yourselves and any photos or videos that showcase your talent or ability along with a description. Here's an example description:

My name is _____________ I am ____ years old. I am celebrating my ability by sharing ________________. This is special to me because _____________________.  A fun fact about what I am sharing is ________________.

Share your gifts by showing off what makes you AWESOME! Send your photos or video clips to: JMCC clients, siblings, family members and all those across our Windsor/Essex community are invited to participate!

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