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All About Me profile

April 7, 2020

JMCC Service Navigators

Preparation for a successful transition to school for all of our JMCC clients remains a top priority during this time. Our Service Navigators continue to work with our local School Boards to share important information gathered with families through transition reports, therapist/clinician reports and referrals in readiness for a positive transition for your child. Knowing that family input is most valuable within this process, we encourage the use of our All About Me profile that each family can complete to highlight their child’s strengths as they enter any new environment. The All About Me profile template is available in both English and French. While completing the profile, families can refer to the sample copy and the How-to Guide.

If you are interested in one-on-one support to complete this, please contact one of your clinicians or your Service Navigator:

JMCC Service Navigators:
Stephanie Smith
P: 519-252-7281 ext. 379
Anita Hayes
P: 519-252-7281 ext. 224

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