COVID-19 Update: While virtual services continue, additional on-site services will resume safely at JMCC as of August 17, 2020 (Updated: August 10, 2020) DETAILS.
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A Message our Family Advisory Council Chairs

March 30, 2020

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This is a message from JMCC’s Family Advisory Council. We are Sue Mandolfo and Ahmad El-Morad, Co-Chairs of the Family Advisory Council. The Council provides input and suggests recommendations for senior management and the Board of Directors about issues and policies that impact children and their families receiving services through JMCC. 

We hope you are all safe and healthy. The current COVID-19 situation is impacting each of our families in multiple ways. As parents of children who receive services from JMCC, we would like to provide you with an opportunity to connect with us to share your ideas on how we, as families, can build connections with one another to share resources, information and support both during this time and moving forward. Please feel free to share your thoughts and your contact information with Wendy Tavares and/or Danielle Friest, and they will pass them along to us. We look forward to staying in touch.


Ahmad & Sue

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