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12 Days of Stories: Meet Zoe

December 1, 2020


 “Our introduction to JMCC came when our daughter Zoe was only 8 months old. It was fairly obvious early on that she was not meeting many of her developmental milestones and we started on our path to finding explanations and ultimately the answers to why our daughter was having these delays. This was not an easy journey to go down and the concerns of what challenges our family may face weighed very heavily. However, the staff at JMCC were with us each step of the way. Our daughter's therapy team provided her with the support and resources she needed to ensure that she had every opportunity to meet and overcome her challenges. Not only has the team been there to support our daughter but they have been there to support our whole family. The team have been constant advocates for our daughter and have gone above and beyond to assist in this journey. Whether that be facilitating referrals to specialists, coordinating the purchase of medical devices or to just be there for our family when we received the answers to some of the tough questions we were waiting for. Even during these very challenging and unique times, our daughter's therapy team and the staff at JMCC, have been able to adapt quickly to make sure that the people who rely on them are still being reached. The team has been able to maintain their support in the form of virtual therapy sessions or safe in person visits. By having the ability to provide their services through multiple formats, the team has continued to be there for our family. We are incredibly grateful for everything JMCC has done for us.”
- Zoe’s family

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“Zoe is an adorable two year old who has been coming to JMCC since she was a baby. She continues to make great gains in all developmental areas and we are thrilled to be involved in that process. Recently, she received a new walker to help her with emerging walking skills and we are amazed at how quickly she can go! It is so fun to watch her using her new communication skills to let us know what she wants to play with. Her growing interest in toys and engagement in play has certainly highlighted her blossoming fine motor and language skills.  As her JMCC therapists, we feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with Zoe and her family, whether that be at JMCC, during virtual Zoom therapy visits, over email, at her preschool, or playing in the park across the street from her house. We look forward to watching her future unfold!”
- Zoe’s JMCC team

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