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12 Days of Stories: Meet Marek

December 4, 2020


Marek is a happy and bright 3 ½ year old boy. Because of a stroke he suffered a year ago, he requires therapy to regain his strength and assist with his speech. We were overwhelmed with the journey ahead but once we met the JMCC team who would become family to us, we quickly realized we were not the only ones advocating for Marek’s best interest. The activities chosen are specific to what he enjoys and therefore he eagerly takes part in therapy. On days where the process is challenging or overwhelming, it is not just Marek who receives support but me as well. The encouragement, understanding and knowledge that is exhibited in each therapy session, is what makes us strive to meet each goal. Covid may have slowed the world down, but not Marek’s team of amazing therapists, who adapted to this change with ease. Marek’s gains have caught the eye of all his loved ones and we ensure everyone that we truly could not have done it without his “friends”, our family at JMCC.
- Lucy, Marek’s mom

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