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12 Days of Stories: Meet Liam

December 7, 2020


Our son Liam has been involved with the JMCC since he began school. Liam and our family have been fortunate to work with incredible and compassionate staff who have helped Liam build confidence to achieve goals and work to his full potential.  We are sincerely appreciative for all the help and guidance that the JMCC team has provided to Liam and our family.
 - Stacey, Liam’s mom

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Liam is a fun-loving eight-year-old boy who has been receiving support from JMCC occupational therapy since he began school in junior kindergarten. He has made great gains in using his two hands together to complete day-to-day tasks, including getting dressed and opening packages.  Liam recently has been pushing himself harder to improve with his fine motor skills and it has been wonderful watching him succeed!
- Jodi, Liam’s Occupational Therapist

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