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12 Days of Stories: Meet Hailey

December 8, 2020


When Hailey was born she was diagnosed with a brachial plexus injury/Erbs palsy. Although her birth wasn’t traumatic, she somehow suffered this injury that resulted in her arm being completely motionless. Since the first day of her life we’ve been working hard to do everything she needs and she has been a champ the whole time. Her first therapy appointment was when she was just 2 weeks old and since then we’ve done her exercises every single day. In a few short months she has defied the odds and started moving her arm all thanks to her Occupational Therapist Melanie, who not only supported Hailey with her rehabilitation but also made custom fit wrist braces to help extend and stretch her wrist. Hailey has been showing great progress from the smallest flicker of movement to lifting and holding her arm and now starting to open her hand and move her fingers. Every day she amazes me with how strong she is and how she doesn’t let it hold her back. Despite her challenges, by 3.5 months old she was holding her head up, rolling all the way over and working on her motor skills. Now at 4.5 months she is trying to push herself forward and lift herself off her tummy to crawl. Although we are only part way through her journey, we are hopeful that with the help of the John McGivney Children’s Centre, her arm movement will get better and better. Her future is bright and we know she will accomplish anything and everything she wants to do. She is the happiest baby and we are so blessed to have her. 
 - Tabbitha, Hailey’s mom

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